Advokat Jon Kihlman, LL.D

Jon Kihlman has been a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 2005. His dissertation Fel (Non-conformity, primarily in goods), was published in 1999. He has an independent legal practice in Tändstickspalatset on Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15 in Stockholm.

The legal practice

Jon Kihlman works with Swedish and international commercial contract law. Within that field, his practice includes drafting, reviews, legal opinions, consultations, educations, writing of books and articles as well as litigation and arbitration (as counsel or arbitrator).

The purpose of public procurement is to conclude contracts. Therefore, Jon Kihlman’s practice includes public procurement. Although primarily focused on drafting of what will eventually become such contracts, his work also simplifies the procurement process as such. He represents both purchasing authorities and suppliers in court when a procurement process is challenged.

Educations and networks

Jon Kihlman teaches contract law to attorneys as well as to sellers and purchasers. He cooperates with Blendow and ExLibro. He can also be engaged directly for in house courses.

Jon Kihlman is in charge of JUC’s network in commercial contract law.

E-learning etc.

Jon Kihlman has recorded numerous e-learning courses in cooperation with Norstedts Juridik, Diploma Utbildning and Fö The courses for Norstedts Juridik are Avtalsobjekt och felbedömning (Objects of contracts and non-conformities), Fullmakter och annan firmateckning (Agency and other forms for legal representation), CISG (den internationella köplagen) (CISG (the international sales law) and Unidroit Principles. The courses for Diploma Utbildning are Avtalsrätt och köprätt (Contract and sales law) and Konsumentköplagen (The consumer sales law). Jon has recorded many shorter lectures on different aspects of contract law for fö

As an expert in business law, Jon Kihlman reports legal news for Lexnova’s expertnyheter, a monthly news service for lawyers, a few times per year. His main focus is usually on new cases from the Swedish supreme court.

Books and other published works

Beside his dissertation Fel, Jon Kihlman has published Avtalslagen – En kommentar, CISG – En kommentar (a commentary on CISG) and Köprätten – En introduktion (an introductory texbook on sales law), has been a co-writer of Köplagen – En kommentar (a commentary on the Swedish sales law) and editor of the anthology Elektronisk signering (Electronic signatures).

In addition to the books, he has also written the reports Vad en upphandlande myndighet inte behöver göra (What a public procurement entity does not need to do) och Avtalsutformning och avtalsinnehåll – Kommersiella villkor i offentlig upphandling (Construction and content of contracts – the contractual parts of public procurement), both requested by Svensk Näringsliv (the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), and numerous articles, primarily about Swedish and international contract law and public procurement.


Jon Kihlman has contributed to Norstedts Juridik’s collection of templates, Avtalsguiden, with templates for sale of goods and frame agreements as well as different agency arrangements.